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Our company was founded to initially operate regular line services from Spain to Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco.

​Throughout time, our business evolved mainly concentrating in the cement sector, where we have been present for more than 20 years, carrying out cross-trades within the Mediterranean, Black Sea and Portuguese coasts.

Currently, we offer a regular service to Algeria, namely Trans Med Express (TME), mainly for conventional, rolling, and containerized cargoes. In addition to this, we handle project, break-bulk, and bulk cargoes for a variety of clients.

​We are also proud to be partners with another family company, Erik Thun AB, with whom we have a joint-company based in Barcelona, namely Erik Thun España.

Through the joint-venture above, and together with our strong connection to another liner service, Normed, we offer linked services to and from the regular routes of our services. For this, we created the TEN Alliance, which can serve several trades from the Baltic to the East Mediterranean, as well as the West African coast. ONE OCEAN SHIPPING AGENCY,  a subsidiary of the Transbulk group, was founded to cater the container line industry on a specific manner. Our operations started offering a TURKIYE-SPAIN service with short transit times and connections to Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, East Med and Black Sea destinations.

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